Your approach and energy to a manual work had left a great impression on me. Whenever I need to be really in-tuned in a treatment, I connect to the feeling I had watching you.
Wishing you all the best and hope to meet again in the future.
Yosefa Tal
In 2015, I had the pleasure and honor to host Marie-José in my studio for a workshop and the Pilates Leadership Introspective consisting of 3 modules of 3.5 days each. It is difficult to find the words to describe the experience …. deepening, inspiring, great atmosphere, it is simply the most worthwhile educational investment I have made in years. Marie Jose is a unique and inspiring teacher who is able to convey her vast knowledge and teaches you how to apply this knowledge in the existing Pilates repertoire and her SmartSpine protocols. Pilates is making (even more) sense in a completely different and deeper way and the effects I’ve seen in my clients since are extraordinary. Next to this, she is a great coach who guided us skillfully through our learning process. Her open and fun personality created a warm and open atmosphere which is so conducive to learning. I highly recommend the Pilates Leadership Introspective and other workshops Marie José has to offer and we are looking forward to welcoming her back for more in 2016!Stephanny Turton Kat,
Owner Art of Movement (NL).

I completed MJ’s online SmartSpine workshop and appreciated the opportunity to view her again doing hands-on work with Jen. It’s helped fine-tune my work with the SmartSpine and offered some new techniques not covered in the workshop in May or on the DVD. Today I was in the studio playing with the foot protocol using the wedges, then the tubbies and finally the SmartSpine, all in a seated position. I’ve been practicing standing and supine foot protocol and have felt some good results, but after working seated, the experience suggested that I was missing out on the work and was not ready for standing or supine. I had the most amazing foot connection with the rest of my body and was quite fatigued as I took my new feet to the reformer and proceeded with the footwork series. I was somewhat surprised (and I say ‘somewhat’ only because MJ never ceases to amaze me with how subtle and deep her work is) to feel even more work than I usually do, making it a point to pay special attention to my 1st and 5th rays (I did not think to use the jump board but, I plan to next time) feeling my feet connecting to my body with an intensity I’ve never felt before. Thank you so much for producing this video. It’s been a tremendous support!Lisa Longworth

Dear Marie-José,Thank you so much for your fantastic course “SmartSpine” last week. It was absolutely great for me to be able to join in the course and see you again.

Actually I have longed to learn “SmartSpine” from you for years, and the dream has finally come true in last week!!

I learned a lot from every single minute or second with you. It is definitely difficult to digest all works done with you in short time, and I know it takes times years and years, but it is absolutely fantastic way of studying and deepening and exploring my study of Pilates, bodywork and manual therapy along with studying of Judo-Therapy at the moment.

I was so excited when you told about scar tissue and the risks of surgery in your fascia workshop about year ago, because I recognized I had a right decision to study Judo- Therapy.

I am now in the final year of the 3-year training of the Judo- Therapy and I have the national exam in coming March. The Judo-Therapy is Japanese conservative manual therapy which is based on Japanese Traditional treatment of musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries or damages without operation/ surgery. I’ve got a qualification of Swedish body massage when I was in London, so I wish I can combine all studies of Judo- Therapy, dance science, massage and SmartSpine with Pilates. It is exactly the “Teach and Treat” which I wish I can accomplish.

I’d be very pleased if you have interest about one of Japanese original manual therapies, Judo-Therapy (http://kyobun.ac.jp/english/seihuku/).

I just want to tell you “thank you so much” again and also thank you so much for the reviewing program on the website of the FUSION Pilates. It is very very helpful to revise the works.

I really look forward to studying with you and seeing you again in Japan. I am very grateful to you for your teaching, generous help and lot of love.

I know you are incredibly busy, so I sincerely hope you will take good care of yourself.

Kindest regards
Remi Funabiki

Hi Marie-José,I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful workshop in Asheville. You are such an inspiration to me as a teacher of Pilates and Dance! In just these few weeks since your training I have already seen my Pilates students make new connections in their bodies. Things I have been been searching for a way to articulate to them for a long time. I feel like you have given me the tools to be able to articulate it to them! They all have given me really wonderful imagery and feedback for how their bodies feel working with the SmartSpine system. And almost all of them want your products for their homes! I am truly excited when I come to work in the mornings and the time flies by witnessing them working in new ways.

I am excited and looking forward to becoming an ambassador for your program. And I will also be signing up to distribute your products soon!

I know Sarah and I both are up for what ever you need us to do to become ambassadors. Not sure if you have a timeline for it, but I will be doing a lot more directing in my dance company next season because our artistic director is taking a sabbatical so I would love to look at dates when you get them to plan any trips I might need to take! I look forward to spending more time with you.

Thank you again,
Susan Honer

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”I read that quote on the SmartSpine Academy brochure as I was unpacking my SmartSpine back at my studio and I heard the echo of your encouraging words the morning of my cathartic release.  It gave me that extra boost of confidence to commit to learning by doing.

It took me a week to get the entire SmartSpine kit working in full swing, but once I started, I couldn’t stop!  It’s been fun to play with the pieces and see how they help support and ease my clients into their neutral position.  Once there, they immediately feel more awareness of their inner unit players.  I used it at room temperature for a week and a half until my warming cabinet arrived a few days ago.  Oh, my gosh; the warmth has taken my clients where they’ve never been before and I’ve enjoyed watching them experience it.  They love everything about SmartSpine–the subtle, fresh, lavender scent, the weight, the shapes and the warmth.  It’s been overwhelmingly helpful for all of us and I’ve only just begun to learn!

How can I thank you for all the work you did prior to getting SmartSpine on the market, making it available to transform so many lives, clients and teachers alike?   I’ve begun my transformation and I’m witnessing my clients begin to evolve right before my eyes.  I felt the power of SmartSpine that emotionalSaturday morning; I could feel myself being guided outside of my comfort zone and I knew it was impossible to resist.

I know you have heard what I’ve said about SmartSpine before but I couldn’t hold back my praise for an amazing product invented by a brilliant woman.  I feel so very honored to know you.

With love and gratitude,

Lisa Longworth
Pilates of Knoxville

As a long-time Pilates practitioner and someone who believes implicitly in continuing to grow and learn within its movement principles . . . and even after 3 decades engaged in the work . . . I feel extremely fortunate to know Marie José, to have participated in many of her workshops at the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) and elsewhere, and now to have participated in her intensive 4-day professional Smart Spine workshop.Marie José’s knowledge of the inner workings of the body in relation to movement principles is so comprehensive, indeed so complete, that she’s able to talk about the intricacies of anatomy and bodily structure with incredible clarity and understanding. And in so doing she’s able to impart complex medical ideas and new knowledge to teachers and practitioners of movement at all levels.

Her Smart Spine manipulation in conjunction with heat is second-to-none when it comes to rehabilitative work in a Pilates framework. As someone who now deals with clients in a clinic environment, I’ve directly seen its beneficial effects. Building on the Eve Gentry approach, Marie José is undoubtedly this generation’s genuine Pilates ‘healer’.

Marion Kessel, PMA®CPT
February 2015

“In our work with veterans and civilians with multiple injuries, the Smartspine products are really the additional therapeutic tool we have been looking for!Smartspine is a perfect supplement to the Pilates sessions. The combination of heat and the assistance that the products provide in the exercises, helps lengthen and soften muscles and fascia, which has suffered injuries and scar tissue. The clients have reported that they experience greater comfort and ease in their movements and generally a deeper feeling of relaxation, which enables them to focus on the exercises.”

Jessie Lee and JoJo Bowman, Copenhagen Pilates Studio – Danish Wounded Warrior Project and Heroes in Motion pioneers

February 2015

Of all the things I gained at the PMA, my half hour at your booth had the most value:-) I’m the founder of the Danish Wounded Warrior project and pioneer of Heroes in Motion. I work with severely injured veterans and now also civilians, that have suffered traumatic injuries, deep wounds, amputations and many also suffer from various degrees of PTSD. Just using the few tips I got from you and your DVD, that I bought alongside your products has already had a great impact. The combination of heat, support and stretch is just marvelous for this population. Really the tool I have been looking for. So thank you:-)Jessie Lee, Copenhagen Pilates Studio
Danish Wounded Warrior Project and Heroes in Motion
December 2014