Teacher’s Training- TOKYO

Pilates Leadership Introspective: An In-depth Experience, Beyond the Exercises

Taught and Mentored by Marie-José Blom


For postgraduate workshops, the pricing varies per workshop and location. For more information about hosting a workshop, please email us at [email protected]. The post graduate workshops are specially designed to update or further the working knowledge of the already practicing Pilates educator to introduce new protocols with the possibility to integrate multidisciplinary approaches.

Where can teachers go to be inspired, to refresh and update their knowledge; even to be motivated to be peerless in their field of expertise?

As times are challenging, clients invest more proactively in a healthy body and therefore will rely more on our deeper knowledge. Thus meeting the demands of this changing market from fitness to wellness takes a deepening and expanding approach. The gap between science and movement is narrowing very fast. Therefore, these are exciting times for integration of new information and reconfirmation of concepts we always knew but could not be acknowledged.

My intention with this program is to share my passion for renewal and to give you the opportunity to indulge in greater detail of our work with the emphasis on sound biomechanics, a sharper eye for detail and to share my unique to client assessment.

In this setting, you will develop a more profound appreciation and understanding of the Pilates concept that goes hand in hand with a deeper understanding of the functional anatomy.

Course Description
This course is a three module study of skill enhancing specialty education designed for the already practicing Pilates Professional or Movement Educator.

Elevate the content of your repertory knowledge into a body of excellence and expertise. The Pilates Leadership Introspective series turns your teaching into the art that transforms your clientele. This series will help you meet the demands of the current market with professional confidence. This higher education covers the depth and details of movement biomechanics intrinsic to the Pilates repertoire. They integrate the biomechanical blueprint of the exercises through an anatomical theme per module.


The implementation of a directive and corrective hands-on approach with real time teaching. This instills renewed confidence with refreshed knowledge in Pilates teaching and movement practice.

Learn to integrate these skills with the Pilates movement technique while deepening the whole body experience with a corrective, restorative effect.

To integrate the protocols and biomechanics with the use of the Pilates equipment, including newly designed modifications and therapeutic approaches.

Who Should Attend This Series?
This Pilates Leadership Introspective Series is designed to take movement professionals to the next level through the latest concepts collected during my travels, collaborations and studies.

Pilates Professionals with 1-3 years teaching experience.

ATCs, OTRs & COTAs, PTs, PT Assistants, DCs, Strength & Conditioning Professionals, and other medical professionals with a Pilates background or Pilates Therapy practice.

All movement educators with a Pilates background or Pilates Therapy practice.

With nine days of comprehensive instruction at the highest level, this program will offer you professional mentoring with my unique teaching approaches that may be the bridging program you were looking for after your initial entry level teacher training. Refresh – Deepen – Inspire!


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 To Register for this workshop, please contact Studio Natural Flow directly.