Fusion Pilates – Asheville, North Carolina

Jennifer Gianni and Casey Marie Herdt of Fusion Pilates are dedicated to training the next generation of movement instructors in the most optimal, creative, and efficient way through a variety of live and online channels. All of our efforts are designed to offer creative and innovative Pilates education which will support and deepen the skill level of the serious movement educator.  Our mission is to walk with our students on a never-ending path of curiosity, discovery, and improvement
We offer a vast selection of online resources for Pilates Professionals through FusionPilatesEDU.com  There are hundreds of Pilates articles and videos and we produce the twice weekly Pilates Show which anyone can access for free. In addition to this free content, we also offer paid online workshops by world class educators including Marie José Blom, Elizabeth Larkam, Madeline Black, and many many more. Our comprehensive online Course Prep and Apprentice Programs are one of a kind educational programs created to offer Pilates instructors a deeper understanding and ongoing mentorship.
Visit FusionPilatesEDU.com to sign up for a free membership and for immediate access to tons of free content.
Our live teacher training program (FusionTeacherTraining.com) is headquartered at our home studio in Asheville, NC – but we also travel around the world to share our experience with others. These trainings focus primarily on special populations and specific topics such as our flagship comprehensive Pre & Post Natal program, Movement for Menopause, Practical Release, Training the Fascia, and a constantly evolving array of offerings inspired by new science, our interests, and our passions.
Visit FusionTeacherTraining.com to see our master schedule or to get information on workshop hosting opportunities.