Art Of Movement – Hilversum, The Netherlands

imageMy name is Stephanny Turton-Kat. I am the owner and founder of Art of Movement, studio for movement training, established in 2004. Over the years, Art of Movement has evolved to a studio with an enthusiastic and loyal client base and a team of professional and highly motivated trainers. The studio is housed in the unique Old School Projects building designed by Dudok, located in Hilversum. The two former, beautiful light classrooms accommodate various types of classes, Mat and Equipment education programs, workshops and continuing education programs.
Fascinated with how people move and recover from injury, I started to deepen my knowledge of Pilates, training first at the Pilates Studio The Hague and then training and graduating at the Romana Kryzanowska Studio in New York.
This knowledge, combined with additional studies in movement with Marie Jose Blom and others, Agogic studies and the study of anatomy, physiology and psychology form the basis of my working method. Based on my background as a dancer and movement teacher I love to share my experience with people who want to move. People who want to work on and with their body, and people who are hindered in their movement due to many different reasons, find their way to my studio. The Pilates based trainings are more than a therapy to alleviate physical issues. I experience it as endless curiosity about the path ahead of us. A path that connects and motivates, and that inspires you to move again. In the end, the journey is more important than the destination.


An Official SmartSpine Education Facility



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