SmartSpine Studio Workshop – 2 Days

The SmartSpine™ Studio Workshop – 2 Days

This workshop is specifically designed to custom deliver the SmartSpine™ technique to your studio (or host site). The objective is to train and educate the teachers in the SmartSpine™ System protocols and exercises. The added skill set and knowledge will give the teachers of the studio an edge on integrated whole body wellness within the existing program.

The curriculum includes:
Extensive work opening the respiratory system

  • The spine, restoring the natural spinal wave
  • Protocol for the hips, pelvis, and cervical spine
  • Strategies suitable for working with scoliosis
  • Corrective work for the feet
  • Pilates equipment repertoire integration


  • Learn new approaches to postural patterning through spinal alignment & supportive breathing techniques
  • Broaden the understanding of SmartSpine teaching tools as they relate to the biomechanics of the spine and new core principals
  • Optimization of tactile and sensory cueing into the whole body awareness of the client/patient


Professional and Business Advantage: Completion of this workshop qualifies the studio to carry the SmartSpine™ products for resale in support of improved client education and home care. A decal and logo will identify the studio as an official SmartSpine™ Provider.

Necessary course materials may be included with some courses or purchased separately from your participating studio or online at

Upon completion you will receive a:
SmartSpine™ Certificate of Completion

CEC’s may be offered for PMA and other accreditations.



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