SmartSpine One Day Therapeutic In-Service

SmartSpine One Day Therapeutic In-Service

Teaching and treating with the SmartSpine™ System, the must have teaching aid/treatment tool to get the “upper hand” in your clients’ progress. Your upper hand.

The one-day, on site in-service is geared to the clinical practice or therapeutic environment. The objective is to place an effective treatment tool in the skilled hands of the practitioner. The SmartSpine™ is designed to be used heated during treatment, or movement education and adds another dimension in proficiency and success when it comes to the process healing.

The SmartSpine™ technique and approach is grounded in the current research of fascia. It is through this connective tissue that restorative movement is processed and communicated. The language is the warmth introduced during the movement using the fascial system as the intelligent delivery system. Grounded in current research in the field of fascia, the SmartSpine™ System uses the fascial properties (thermal reception, proprioception, and interoception) as an effective delivery system to promote improved movement learning. The SmartSpine™ System has become an important interface between the fascial potential and therapeutic movement learning.

The curriculum is a hands-on progression of protocol and technique, which will include:

  • Mobility of the foot and ankle (talus glide)
  • Talus glide and mobility related to the sacral biomechanics
  • Sacral mobilization to restore the spinal wave
  • Optimizing respiratory ability and its relationship to the spine and pelvis
  • Treatment protocol for the cervical spine as well as special function-specific skills


  • Introducing an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to “Core Up-training”
  • “Feeling is Knowing”
  • The practical application of somatic/sensory learning through the SmartSpine system
  • Optimization of tactile and verbal cuing into whole body awareness of the patient


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