SmartCore Teach and Treat Professional Training Course

A system to Teach and Treat, appreciated as a fascial interface tool for the movement educator and manual therapist

A Somatosensory Approach to Smart-Core Intelligence 


A 28 hour (3½ days) course


Presented By: Marie-José Blom

The SmartCore Teach and Treat approach merges the most current curriculum of the unparalleled Core Intelligence course into the comprehensive professional teacher training course.

This skill enhancing experience is bridging the gap between manual therapy, and movement education such as Pilates, Feldenkrais, Gyrotonic©, physical therapy, and fascial conditioning.

The SmartSpine Teach and Treat model, SmartCore, introduces the core conditioning core tools that allow the movement teacher or practitioner to be intuitive and affecting while awakening “the feeling” of the movement thereby stimulating cognitive and somatic learning beyond teaching of isolated exercises.

As we now know, and continue to explore, the key to whole body wellness lies in the connective tissue matrix, the facsia. This live and dynamic environment functions much like the biologic ecosystem of our body, thriving when well balanced. The essential components that reflect “well balanced” are:

  • Tissue hydration
  • The effect temperature
  • Tissue glide
  • Texture
  • Tissue density
  • Elasticity

Maintaining or restoring this delicate balance lies in the combination of intelligent movement and intelligent touch. This Teach and Treat approach is a system that is developed to support and enhance the results of what you are already doing in your practice of movement education, bodywork, or physical therapy.

Course Objectives:

  • To add a new dimension to your current business skill set delivered within a scope of practice effective hands-on instruction
  • To introduce knowledge and tools to diversify and expand your business bottom line (workshops/product sales)
  • To integrate the latest scientific approach and expand the existing repertoire of therapeutic movement
  • To acquire and update professional knowledge to attract and cater to a wider client base

You will learn:

  • An un-dogmatic approach to Core Up Training
  • And introduction to the world according to Fascia
    • Form
    • Function
    • Terminology
    • Integration and maintenance of the fascial matrix


  • Core related anatomical terminology, and functional relationships of structures and their movement potential
  • Effective skill development in efficiency of tactile and verbal cueing for Core Ability delivered through the SmartSpine™ System
  • Anatomy and biomechanics of each core system, their anatomical/fascial relationship with each other and their influence on posture, alignment, and daily function

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Practical application of these learning’s as applied in the analysis of the movement repertoire reinforced by the SmartSpine™ System
  • A real time teaching experience in a non-competitive, supportive environment with hands-on experience

Continuing Education Credit:

CECs for the course are available from Pilates Method Alliance


For 3½ days (28 hours) SmartCore: A Somatosensory Approach to Smart-Core Intelligence Delivered and Supported by the SmartSpine™ System.


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