Fascia Works

“Fascia Works”

The Inside Job of Fitness Introducing the Fascia and the Innerworks of Pilates

One day Workshop 

The Fascia Works workshop introduces the important role of the connective tissue in movement, the very reason Pilates technique works. This latest science which now rocks the movement and therapy world is introduced on a level that is easy to understand and underwrites both Pilates, therapeutic movement and dance conditioning.

This workshop explores the lates research on connective tissue and how it applies to movement. Marie-José will present the most recent discoveries with her unique ability to grasp the details that can give us all a deeper understanding of what we do and why it works. This workshop is open to instructors of Pilates, Gyrotonic®, therapeutic movement modalities and dance conditioning.


  • The implementation and integration of this new model into new and existing repertoire in the Pilates technique
  • To establish a deeper understanding of the soft tissue biomechanics
    • -Muscle Myth vs. Fascial Truth-
  • To introduce Optimal Tensional equilibrium into the Pilates work leading to “tune” (coordinated harmony and balance)
  • Introducing a technique that works deeper while uniting the body as a whole organism

You will learn:

  • The anatomy and function of the fascial network of the human body
  • To understand the effect of movement on the fascia and the role of fascia relevant to movement
  • How to integrate and restore the fascial properties
  • How to integrate the introduced fascial properties into movement education and apply this strategy to the Pilates Technique
  • To adapt corrective and directive cueing to effectively implement the benefits of “fascial movement”


Continuing Education Credits are available for this course