Become a Pilates Instructor

Characteristics of Success

What does it take to become a professional Pilates practitioner that is a cut above the rest?

We all know that knowledge and technical expertise are requirements and both can be obtained through training and practice.

Time and time again we are asked what characteristics pre-qualify an individual to be a highly successful Pilates practitioner destined for a long, fruitful career. There is no easy answer to this question because every individual is unique. What we see more often than not in students who become exceptional practitioners is:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of the body, movement and wellness.
  2. Ongoing curiosity for the workings of the human mind, the mind-body connection and all aspects of how the mind controls and impacts wellness.
  3. Passion for teaching and sharing that can significantly impact, influence and change lives.
  4. A long-range vision and philosophy towards learning and the education experience.
  5. Empathy for and a commitment to seek out solutions for limitations and challenges presented as a result of illness, age, injury.

The Long Beach Dance Conditioning curriculum prepares you for success because we:

  • Focus on essential understanding and foundation of movement versus fast track preparation.
  • Leave no gap between repertoire and “real time” body knowledge.
  • Develop your knowledge to attract a growing market of clients with specialized needs.
  • Extend your existing expertise to attract a larger clientele base.

Your future success as a practitioner is important to us and we will provide the tools you need to maximize your potential. Together we will achieve success on many levels.

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LBDC Teachers’ Training Program

Marie-Jose-BlomIn creating the first teacher training course in 1992, I embarked on a journey where my vision was to share my knowledge and passion for teaching. Inspiring others to seek out continual learning with the desire to be the best.

My commitment and insistency to excellence has taken me 20 years down the path.

In these years, I have had the opportunity to connect and learn with the best. These experiences have allowed me to crosslink science and apply a renewed appreciation of inner movement as support and foundation of the body.

This knowledge and technique forms an integrated component of our student teaching approach, which also encourages critical thinking.

While this body of work is never finished, I am currently dividing my time between program development, study, and teaching internationally.

To keep LBDC’s education program to its high standards and keeping it continually updated, it will take a fresh approach and a dedicated individual who shares my standards and vision.

I have entrusted the profession teacher training to Kendel Pink.

The confidence and respect I foster for Kendel makes a very difficult task of separation easier as I pass the LBDC legacy to Kendel and thereby entrust her with my life’s work.

The LBDC content and curriculum will grow under her strong leadership while maintaining the existing faculty that is synonymous with the LBDC name and reputation. I will still be very much involved with the development of updates, the Core Intelligence portion included in the teacher training and the test out protocol of the course.

With Warmest Regards,

Marie-José Blom

LBDC Teachers’ Training Program