Marie-Jose-BlomMarie-Jose Blom

As Creator & President of SmartSpine Wellness System, Marie-Jose has more than twenty-five years of master teacher training to help get your back on track.

Marie-Jose specializes in deep core strengthening, pelvic work, and work for the spine and is widely know for her work in Conditioning Techniques for dance and dance injuries. In 1991, she created the Advances in Pilates Technique, an internationally acclaimed professional teachers’ training program, which she conducts and directs in Japan. As a former faculty member at Southern California’s Loyola Marymount University, where she taught anatomy/kinesiology and physiology for the Department of Dance, she received the 2006 Spotlight Awards for excellence in teaching. Marie-Jose is also the founder and director of Long Beach Dance Conditioning in Long Beach, CA.

Marie-Jose created and directors the Advances in Pilates Technique currently know as Pilates Leadership Concepts (PLC). This acclaimed program was the very first program in a official format and is currently directed by Studio 3 for California.

Marie-Jose has established programs at various facilities internationally and is in great demand for lectures and presentations, both locally and internationally for institutes, physical therapists, and movement educators. Since 2007, Marie-Jose’s PLC program and specialty workshops have gained popularity in Tokyo, Japan. The desire and ambition in Japan for higher education led to a comprehensive program that brings Marie-Jose to Tokyo four to five times a year, which makes Japan her second home.

Marie-Jose specializes and dedicates her 25+ years of experience to mentor Pilates Professionals to a unique level of expertise, which reaches beyond instruction to movement education. She is a regular presenter for Balanced Body University, Pilates On Tour, and Pilates Method Alliance. In 2007, she founded the SmartSpine Wellness System and Company. In 2014, she was published in the Fascia research book titled “Fascia – The Tensional Network of the Human Body” by Robert Schleip, Thomas W. Findley, Leon Chaitow and Peter A. Huijing. Her expertise has made many teachers excel into a recession-proof career.