From Rome to Venice and Gratitude Beyond

As finally the curtain of my jetlag from my latest trip rises, I feel motivated to write and express the feelings I have nurtured for quite some time.

                    “Here is a toast to…”

Here I am, presenting and speaking before groups and I have yet to gather the courage to dedicate a toast during a dinner or otherwise even if I meant to do so. That’s why the printed word exists and blurs these boundaries. So here is an homage to Pilates On Tour (or POT). POT is an education division of Balanced Body known for delivering high end Pilates education within your reach with a boutique style concept. With this I mean a registration cap and ample workshop/lecture time providing the optimal learning experience. POT demonstrates the open-minded approach and multidisciplinary integration that unites extraordinary people from a variety of cultures with one mission, helping us to improve quality of life of others through movement. This POT approach of movement education and bringing people together, this brainchild of Nora St. John, was with its inception far ahead of its time and now more needed than ever. I have been so privileged to be part of this amazing organization as an educator from the start. POT has in bringing stellar education on location directly to the student, built a great reputation with a large following.

During my flight returning from POT Venice, just before the holidays, I took some time to reflect on my still fresh lingering impression and feelings of the Venice event as well as the many POTs of the past. I realize that the opportunity to teach with an organization that draws a select student body that is motivated to a deeper learning experience has shaped me into the presenter I am now, always stimulated to renew and grow and reach beyond. I so value the open mind to diversity, the introduction of new sciences in our (and related) fields to support, validate, and help further our field of expertise.

The nurturing environment created by POT is reflective of all of what I’ve known for the many years of Balanced Body. The one big family concept, always making you feel welcome and at home a quality that I can in return project in my sessions.

The entire staff working behind the screen spares no effort to make every presentation in a presenter’s personal best. This as a whole is a hard act to follow, a true act of building community and unity such as in “Pilates and education without borders.”

With this I like to express my gratitude for all those years of POT experience that so enriched my professional life with friends and “family” and wonderful colleagues. To all, the very best wishes for a healthy, safe, and successful continuation beyond 2017.