CONNECT 2017 – Fascia: Access The Inner Works of Fitness

Fascia: Access to the Inner Works of Fitness

Fascia and Performance Optimization

An Event Where the SmartSpine Approach Really Matters



Introducing a SmartSpine™ Teach and Treat approach to suppling and hydration of the matrix and the connective tissues. (available in the USA, Europe, & Japan)

The SmartSpine™ approach forms a unique fascial interface tool between your skilled touch and the connective tissues.

The SmartSpine™ System uses the fascial properties of thermoreception, interoception, and proprioception as an effective delivery system to increase movement potential as well as movement ease in a better and pain free body, improving the fascial hydrodynamic ability. [Fascia the Tensional Network of the Human Body R. Schleip/H. Jäger, pg. 89, Fig. 2.3]

For the practitioner as well as the movement educator, the SmartSpine™ tool becomes a “third hand” while encouraging a whole body approach with the focus on the interoceptive property. By introducing the combination of warmth, pressure, and friction during the movement or treatment we may break the vicious cycle of fascial restriction/densification. [Fascia the Tensional Network of the Human Body Werner Klingler, Pg. 412, Ch. 7]

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