2017 Event Opportunities + Holiday Product Discount

To All Associates:

From my heart and soul to your body and mind.

I trust everyone enjoyed a well-deserved break in our busy schedules following a celebrative Thanksgiving Day spent with company you wanted to celebrate with. Hopefully this little break charged your batteries until the next holiday run: Christmas, Hanukkah… just the winter holidays. As our “To Do” list is über full, make sure to in this time pay extra attention to your “To Be” list! Did you ever have one? Make one! It is usually very short however really important, very restoring and very needed in times when it feels like the Grinch ran away with 2016. Can it pass any faster?

On that note, I like to extend a few highlights regarding events for 2017 to timely plan a little R&R with education. Doing this now may at least make 2017 appear longer. If you are interested in how the fascial research is geared to be used in sports medicine training, follow me to Connect 2017 in Germany from March 16th to 19th. If you are going to be there anyway, you are invited to attend my presentation. I am very honored to introduce the SmartSpine function and protocol in this environment with a generous 3.5 hours slot. For your convenience, here is the link to this event.

If you plan to stay a little closer to home, follow me to the Pilates On Tour in Phoenix, Arizona. The focus at the P.O.T. Phoenix is always the Therapeutic application of Pilates. The P.O.T. is known for delivering sound and updated education in a spa-like setting, experienced with a select smaller group, the learning is more in-depth with more quality workshop and learning time. I forgot to mention the great food! During this P.O.T. event, I will present my “Ins and Out” on Scoliosis called “Embracing the Curves” which is a full day event. For your convenience, here is the link for the P.O.T. Phoenix.

You need a bigger tax write off? Follow me to the P.O.T. London. Here I will present a workshop (full day event) together with Alan Herdman titled: “4 Hands, 2 Hearts, 1 Mind.” This is where the both of us are attempting to convince you that less of more is sometimes “brilliant.” I will also offer my “Embracing the Curves” presentation as well. Here is the link for your convenience.

In need of a real last minute escape from the holidays? I leave for P.O.T. Venice next week. My schedule will include a 1-day presentation with Alan Herdman (the aforementioned “4 Hands, 2 Hearts, 1 Mind”) as well as my Scoliosis approach (“Embracing the Curves”). There will be an Italian interpreter, should you need that, great food and… Venice in winter (low on tourists)!

Wait, wait, there is more! Yes there is, for this you may visit my website to view my entire 2017 Calendar.


To ring out 2016 and welcome the New Year, we extend a special holiday offer for the Professional Kit at a price of $350 with the following code: “HOLIDAY”. This discount promotion is valid through December 17th. All orders will be shipped on December 19th.

I really look forward to seeing you perhaps at one event or the other where the learning is good!

I wish each of you a magical holiday time (this refers to your “To Be” list) with peace in our minds and our minds on peace. From my heart, the very best to all for 2017.