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SmartCore 2016/2017 Event Updates

Advance your business and your skill with the winning formula of  SmartCore Teach and Treat

A SmartCore Teach and Treat comprehensive training for the established Pilates practitioner, therapeutic movement educator and manual therapist.


The Why, Where and When

The introduction of the SmartSpine™ approach to the movement and wellness community has been successfully accomplished not only in the US, but also in Europe and Japan. The approach has caught the attention of the manual practitioner besides the movement educator and is finding its way into the fascial realm and aligns with the importance of whole body wellness, formulated in the Teach and Treat approach. Whole body wellness, a philosophy whereby the infrastructure of the body (the fascia) needs to be addressed with an integration of movement and treatment.

The SmartSpine™ system has proved to be a potent and systematic hands-on approach to the movement educator as a versatile teaching aid and an effective treatment tool for the manual therapist.

The SmartSpine™ comprehensive training will provide you with the tools and the skills that offer your clients/patients the integrated model of Teach and Treat. This opportunity to learn may yield an intrinsic expansion of your business or practice, where as the added skill and technique offer the additional service that keep your clients in house. Build and improve your business on the structure, skill and knowledge that you already have and become peerless in your field.



The opportunity to introduce this approach into your business is now within reach. The following professional SmartCore Teach and Treat courses are scheduled for 2016 & 2017.

I look forward to seeing you there and to share my passion in the work of movement and wellness.



November 17-20, 2016

SmartCore Teach and Treat Professional Training Course

Pilates For Life – Allen, TX (Dallas, TX)

Register at Pilates For Life

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TBD – 2017

SmartCore Teach and Treat Professional Training Course

Up Studio (formerly LBDC) – Long Beach, CA


JULY 2017

Dates TBD

SmartCore Teach and Treat Professional Training Course

Art of Movement – Hilversum, The Netherlands



SmartSpine Featured Products:  


The SmartGlobe is a larger ball designed for multiple uses. Its weight, shape and size allow for abdominal and spine proprioception work. The SmartGlobe may be used for mobility and alignment of the pelvis, as pelvic floor engagement will be managed via the adductors. Other uses include:

  • Gait
  • Balance skill specific work
  • Deep abdominal awareness when placed directly on the lower abdominals
  • Release of the respiratory system when placed on the lower sternum
  • Improving optimal spinal height (yoga and Gyrotonic™) and vertebral decompression via the sacrum, when placed directly on the crown of the head in any seated position

The SmartGlobe is the key tool used warm during bodywork. The warmth provided in combination with the treatment protocol enhances the effect of tissue release and deepens the experience. Its weight, shape, and size is also important for use with specific fascia related bodywork, lymphatic work, and scar tissue treatment. Available in Lavender and Non-Lavender.




As the body centers around the spine, let the spine “center” the body.

The Original SmartSpine allows the alignment of your back to reorganize and elongate while tension and compensatory holding patterns melt away. The tool’s shape and length cradles and guides the full length of the spine while the strong end-loops allow for gentle added traction.  Position and body weight provide a light acupressure effect while warmth makes for the ultimate mini Spine Spa: a jump-start to a healthier back. SmartSpine uses include:

  • As a full length guiding track for spinal alignment and segmental mobility
  • As a tool for local release of tight hip flexor, and activation of the deep abdominals and deep back muscles (Core Awakenings)
  • As a tool for neuromyofascial release for massage therapists, body workers, or physical therapists
  • As a teaching aid for pre- and post partum-exercises to help the client find the back body and prevent back pain
  • As a teaching aid for all therapeutic and basic movement approaches as well as Pilates, Yoga, and Physical Therapy

Available in Lavender and Non-Lavender.




Purchase both items and receive 15% discount with promo code: “mj20”

*valid through August 25, 2016