As Above, So Below (Two Globes) A Preparatory Fascial Release Protocol

Manual Fascial Release Protocol (Two SmartGlobes)


  • A bilateral cross-fiber softening and mobilization of the dorsal fascial network
  • A combination of friction, heat, and pressure to hydrate the dorsal and respiratory connective tissues (glide and mobility between the structures)
  • Rehydration and release of the dorsal fascia (TFL) which often restricts the essential breathing responses of the spine and the ribs

Note: The application of warmth combined with the movement of breathing brings out the dormant proprioceptive ability of the deep layers. With optimized proprioception the result will be a decrease in pain.

Positioning: In prone position, place a folded towel or blanket with the bottom fold in the hip crease (lumbar spine release). If necessary, place a support below the anterior shoulders. The arms are placed alongside the head in a comfortable position.

Protocol: — Two SmartGlobes (well warmed) –

  • Place one warmed globe on the upper spine (thoraco-cervical junction) and one globe on the lumbar spine (lumbo-sacral junction)
  • Place the hands on the SmartGlobes and allow the client to find their breathing rhythm
  • On the inhalation, move the upper SmartGlobe to just alongside the spine on the back
  • On the exhalation, apply gentle pressure

With the upper globe continue:

  • Inhale: roll the globe to the next position
  • Exhale: press, pin, and rotate the globe outwardly away from the spine
  • Inhale: release or move the globe to the next position

Approaching the sacrum, move the sacral globe to the upper spine. After working the gluteal area, leave the SmartGlobe on the sacrum and continue on the other side again with the upper SmartGlobe.

When finished:

Place your forearm on the sacral globe, and with the other forearm, lengthen the lumbar tissues in between.


Press and rotate the globe twice on each region or more if there is more congestion.

MJ protocol images